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Combination of flame cutting machine, diamond wire saw machine and rock drill to mine granite

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2021-12-04

The combination method of flame cutting machine, diamond wire saw machine and rock drill has been widely used in mountain slopes and sunken open-pit granite mines.

stone mining

Open granite mine on the hillside

The flame cutting machine is used to dig and open trenches. It cuts the closed back surface on only two free surface steps. The diamond wire saw machine cuts and separates the remaining two vertical surfaces. Finally, single-sided controlled blasting is used to split and separate the horizontal plane of the long boulders.

When mining three free-surface long blocks, the diamond wire saw machine(or flame cutting machine) cuts and separates two vertical sides, and single-side controlled blasting splits and separates the horizontal plane, or uses a diamond wire saw machine to cut the separated horizontal plane and one vertical Surface, the last vertical surface separated by single-sided controlled blasting.

diamond wire saw machine

Depressed open-pit granite mine

The flame cutting machine is used to cut and separate the vertical surface when the initial trench is digging down on the horizontal surface of the ore body with only one self-use surface. The diamond wire saw machine can use the flame cutting machine saw slit to complete the horizontal bottom surface "blind cutting" separation, and other The vertical plane is sawed and separated.


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