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Full sawing mining system for underground marble mine

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2021-11-16

Diamond wire saw machine, underground mining chain saw machine and open-pit mining chain saw machine are combined to form a full sawing mining system of underground marble mine.

 chain saw machine

Development roadway excavation

The tunnel mining chain saw machine is mainly used for cutting the development roadway; With the help of the special guide wheel installed in the 4cm sawing gap of the chain saw machine, the diamond wire saw completes the cutting and separation of the closed back of the development roadway, and improves the excavation speed of the development roadway. The most important thing is that the splitting and separation method is no longer needed, and the waste materials can be recovered to the greatest extent, so that the success rate of the development roadway can reach 100%.

 diamond wire saw machine

Trench excavation and waste material mining

When the development roadway excavation is completed and the double free surface mining steps are formed, the combination of diamond wire saw machine and open-pit mining chain saw machine can excavate the initial trench and development trench. Diamond wire saw machine is used for ore body sawing and separation, long block stone decomposition and waste material shaping and cutting.

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