How to use quarry stone cutting machine safely?

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Stone cutting machinery is widely used in the industry, favored by customers. Mechanical operation is a very important matter, which has a great impact on production safety and production effect. So how can quarry stone cutting machinery be used safely?


Operator's mastery of knowledge

Operators must receive pre job training, have knowledge of general machinery and electrical appliances, and remember to wear insulating gloves during operation.

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Prevent the head from falling

When the cutting bevel or groove needs to tilt the machine head, first raise the machine head to the uppermost part along the up and down rotating sector, and then loosen the bolts on the tilt of the machine head. In order to prevent the machine head from falling down suddenly during operation, hold the machine head by hand when loosening bolts.

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Check the parts and power supply before starting

Before starting the quarry stone cutting machinery, it is necessary to check whether the bolts and nuts of each part are loose, whether there is leakage in the power supply and wiring, whether the direction of the saw blade is consistent with the direction of the arrow of the protective cover, and then start the machine.


Regular maintenance

Remember to check and maintain the machine regularly during use. The walking axle, main bearing parts and bearing parts of manual feeding device under the workbench should be inspected regularly to clean up the dirt and add some butter. If there is noise or abnormal vibration in the process of work, stop the machine in time for inspection, and start the machine after eliminating the abnormal situation.


The above is the use of quarry stone cutting machinery should pay attention to safety matters, for more knowledge, please pay attention to Huada superhard official website.

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