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Electric diamond wire saw machine exported to Middle East help stone mining

Electric diamond wire saw machine is a special wire saw for high-strength reinforced concrete engineering. It has high cutting efficiency, long service life, smooth operation and low cost. Efficient, safe and durable.

Application scope of electric rope saw:

1. Cutting and demolition of large reinforced concrete structures, such as the overall cutting and demolition of buildings.
2. Cutting and demolition of various reinforced concrete bridges, abutments, piers and foundations.
3. Cutting of underwater structures with high technical difficulty.
4. Removal and cutting of cultural relics and stripping and cutting of cliff stone carvings.
5. Cutting of cylindrical structures, such as towering chimneys.
6. Subway stations, nuclear power plants and other buildings with special requirements for vibration and noise generated by construction shall be cut and demolished.
7. Stone and quarry mining, processing and cutting

Technical standards

1. The direction change of bead rope is realized through the combined installation of guide wheel. During the construction process, the position relationship between the installation of guide wheel and active drive wheel shall be cleverly designed to meet the cutting requirements.
2. The cutting line speed of bead rope shall not be less than 18m / s.
3. The quality standard of diamond bead rope shall meet the requirements of maximum tensile strength during cutting.
Huada diamond wire saw has won unanimous praise from foreign and Middle East customers for its excellent quality and cost performance.


1.Our mission:

Let the world have no hard mines!

2.Corporate vision:

To create the world's leading stone mining equipment enterprise and lead the development direction of world stone mining.

3.Our values:

Customer success, pragmatic and honest; hard work, innovation, unity and cooperation.

Research Institute

1.Huada Stone Quarrying Research Institute

The company has established "Huada Stone Quarrying Research Institute",to build the Whampoa Military Academy of stone mine development technology and management in China,and to meet the diverse needs of stone mine mining.

industry experience and supply

3.Years of industry experience and supply chain system

As a stone quarrying equipment manufacturer for 20 years,it has a lot of successful experience in stone mining at home and abroad and a perfect stone mining product supply chain ecosystem.


5.Industry-leading patent technology

The company is the first in the industry to obtain CE certification and holds more than 80 invention patents,utility model patents and appearancepatents.Meeting the quality requirements of stone mining products.

Global sales network

2.Global sales network

Products are exported to Italy,Spain,Brazil,South Africa,the United States,the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

R & D technical team

4.Professional and excellent R & D technical team

The research and development team of the company has doctors, professors, senior engineers and other industry experts as well as elite talents from Canada,Italy and Taiwan,focusing on the research and development of stone mining equipment and tools.

Excellent after-sales service

6.Excellent after-sales service

Provide a full range of services from installation to maintenance.The 24-hours service hotline provides a full range of after-sales services from installation to maintenance.


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