What indicators do you need to see when purchasing diamond wire saw cutting machine?

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Diamond wire saw is a professional equipment used for stone mining. To buy such professional machines, we need to refer to certain standards and judge whether they meet their own needs through the parameters of the machine. This paper will introduce what parameters you need to see when purchasing diamond wire saw cutting machine.

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Main motor power

The power of main motor is an important factor to determine the working efficiency of wire saw cutting machine.


Linear speed of main flywheel

The linear speed of the main flywheel is an index to judge the cutting speed of the machine. The higher the linear speed, the faster the machine is in cutting operation. High speed cutting can improve the mining efficiency.

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Maximum cutting spacing

In the actual mining, the movement of equipment is inconvenient, which needs the cooperation of labor and forklift. Short distance movement can be realized through the translation and turnover of the rope saw. Therefore, the greater the maximum cutting spacing of the rope saw, the higher its flexibility and avoid frequent movement.


In addition to the above mentioned indexes, the turning angle of the head of diamond wire saw cutting machine is also an important reference index. At present, most of the heads of diamond wire saw machines produced by major manufacturers on the market can turn + / - 180 °.


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