Natural stone mining-disposal and comprehensive utilization of solid waste

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The solid wastes of stone mines include topsoil and gravel produced by stripping the ore body overburden and weathered layer during mine construction and mining. The waste rocks produced during mine mining can not be made into products with smaller specifications (such as curb stones) for continuous utilization, as well as defective waste stones, etc.

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At present, the commonly used treatment methods for these solid wastes are waste dump or mining slope stacking, landfill, stone for capital construction in mining area and comprehensive utilization. The requirement of green stone mine is that the solid waste produced should reach 100% disposal rate. At present, the disposal and treatment methods of these waste rock residues include:


1. Waste treatment of natural stone mining - sand and gravel aggregate

Sand aggregate production is one of the main comprehensive utilization ways of solid waste residue in stone mines at present. As long as the transportation distance is appropriate, the mining waste residue of most granite and marble mines can produce construction concrete aggregates with various particle sizes.


2. Calcium carbonate powder

Marble mine waste slag can be used to produce various mesh calcium carbonate powder. It is an important filling raw material in papermaking, chemical industry and other industries. Calcium carbonate powder calcium powder can be used in cable and coating production, filling (color) masterbatch manufacturing, papermaking and paper diaper manufacturing, melamine imitation porcelain tableware and office supplies manufacturing, as well as gusset plate, artificial leather and non-woven fabric manufacturing,

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3. Waste treatment of natural stone mining - foamed ceramics

Foamed ceramic is a new type of green and light building material with light weight, high fire rating, heat insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation and high compressive strength. Granite waste residue can be used to produce foamed ceramics and is the preferred material for prefabricated buildings.


4. Permeable brick

Permeable brick is a new product of century environmental protection building materials born to alleviate urban waterlogging, maintain water, maintain urban ecology and build a sponge city. It uses stone waste (optional use) and waste ceramics as raw materials, which are formed twice and fired at high temperature (1150 ~ 1180 ℃).


5. Feldspar powder and fiber

In granite mines with appropriate feldspar content, waste rock slag can be used to produce feldspar powder or feldspar fiber; Basalt waste rock from basalt mines can be used to produce basalt fibers.


6. Waste treatment of natural stone mining - artificial stone aggregate

Stone rice and aggregates of various sizes made of marble waste residue of various colors are important raw materials for artificial marble.

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