What are the advantages of hydraulic wire saw machine

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Nowadays, wire saw machine has become a common equipment for cutting hard materials. According to its power, it is mainly divided into electric rope saw and hydraulic rope saw. Today, let's introduce the advantages of hydraulic wire saw machine

 hydraulic wire saw machine

Power efficiency

The hydraulic rope saw unit is combined with the hydraulic power station unit, and cooperates with the directional wheel, universal wheel and rope strip to realize efficient cutting operation.


Compact and easy to operate

The hydraulic wire saw machine is compact and can be moved conveniently, which can be operated by one person

 diamond wire saw machine

Wide applicability

It can realize all kinds of cutting of building concrete. It is a more suitable cutting construction equipment for the cutting and demolition of concrete walls, bridges and pillars. It can also realize the underwater cutting operation of 30m to 50m, which is deeper than the cutting depth of wall saw.

 小型整形绳锯机 DWS-18-22 3.jpg

Convenient cutting

The hydraulic wire saw machine will not produce large vibration and noise during operation, and the positioning is accurate. The cutting construction can ensure that the incision is straight and neat without complex trimming treatment, and can be cut on reinforced concrete, ceramics and glass. It can be operated by remote control, with light weight and small volume.

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