Maintenance method of ultra thin diamond saw blade

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Diamond saw blade is a kind of material widely used in diamond tools, which belongs to consumables. In normal use, the maintenance of diamond saw blade can extend its service life. Today, we will introduce the maintenance method of ultra-thin diamond saw blade.

 diamond saw blade

Prevent paint from falling off

After buying a diamond saw blade, if it is not used at that time, consumers should not touch the cutter head on the diamond saw blade by hand, because manufacturers usually spray a layer of antirust paint on the cutter head. If they touch it by hand, it is easy to peel off the antirust paint, which will expose the cutter head of the diamond saw blade to the air and cause oxidation, which will lead to rust, It affects the appearance of diamond saw blade.

 diamond cutting blade

Handle with care

When we buy a diamond saw blade, we must pay attention to handle it with care, because the heavy fall will inevitably lead to the deformation of the saw blade, so that the cutting head of the diamond saw blade is not all on the same horizontal plane. In this way, when we are cutting stone, the diamond saw blade is bent, which not only affects the quality of the saw blade, but also cannot cut the stone well.


Protect the matrix

When using the diamond saw blade, it is necessary to protect the substrate, place it gently, and do not drop it, because the substrate of the diamond saw blade can be reused. If the matrix is deformed and the cutter head cannot be welded, maintaining the matrix is equivalent to buying a cheap new saw blade.


The above is about the maintenance method of ultra-thin diamond saw blade.

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