Matters needing attention in the purchase of diamond cutting tools

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The most important part of diamond cutting tools is diamond, which is because when the tool is working, it is mainly diamond and object contact for cutting or grinding. Therefore, for the selection of diamond tools, that is, the selection of diamond, the following is to introduce what we should pay attention to when choosing diamond tools:

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Selection of particle size

When the diamond particles are very thick and only have a single particle, the blade head is very sharp and the cutting efficiency is very high, but the bending strength of diamond agglomeration will be reduced; When the diamond particles are fine or mixed with coarse and fine, the saw blade can be used for a long time, but the efficiency is relatively low. The number of diamond particles between 50 and 60 is more suitable.

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Selection of diamond cutting tools distribution density

If the diamond distribution density changes from small to large, the sharpness and cutting efficiency of the saw blade will gradually decrease, resulting in a longer service life; However, if the density is too high, the saw blade will not be sharp. If the distribution density is low and the particle size is coarse, the efficiency will be improved. The effect of each part of the cutting head in sawing is different. When the concentration is different, the middle depression appears in the operation of the cutting head in the sawing process, which is good for avoiding the saw blade deflection.


Selection intensity

The diamond with too high strength will make the crystal not easy to be cut, the abrasive grains will be polished when they are used, the sharpness will be reduced, and the performance of the tool will become worse; When the strength of diamond is low, the crystal is easy to break after impact, so it is difficult to shoulder the cutting responsibility. Therefore, it is better to choose the diamond strength between 13 and 140n.


When choosing diamond cutting tools, we also need to pay attention to the selection of bonding phase and diamond sintering process. Every aspect needs to be paid attention to, so we must pay attention to it.

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